Motivation Research

Motivations for Sharing Information Online

This is a project page of a research about motivations of social media users for sharing information online.

The motivation framework for information sharing is composed of 10 factors, such as enjoyment, self-efficacy, learning, personal gain, altruism, empathy, community interest, social engagement, reputation, and reciprocity, This model was first developed based on a comprehensive review of motivation and social theories and literature in the areas of online communities and social media use. First, the framework was applied to test motivations of lay people for sharing health information online (Oh, 2012) and then it was enhanced to evaluate the motivations of social media users for sharing information in general in various channels of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, YouTube, and Flickr  (Oh & Syn, 2015; Syn & Oh, 2015, Oh & Syn, 2017).

Recently, the motivation framework was modified to identify the motivations of academic researchers for self-archiving in academic social networking sites by adopting a model of faculty self-archiving of information and data for research and professional development (Kim, 2010) The model of motivations for self-archiving in ASNS includes 18 factors in personal, social, professional, and external contexts.

The online survey questionnaires used in the studies above are available from the ResearchGate Project Page.


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